“Pen series”
As long as I remember myself I would be drawing small weirdoes on a random piece of paper: while talking on phone or just thinking. From 2004 most of the images appear on classical A4 format executed most often with blue pen or black ink pen. On one hand “Pen series” are a visual diary bearing my memories of that moment. On the other hand, many of the drawings are inspired from a fictive story that I created for myself and call it “Mirror”. The “Mirror” is abstract and can be decoded only by the author. And that is perfectly fine with me. See more images >>

“Vilnius” series

Modern drawings in the spirit of old walls of Vilnius. Technique: chokes mainly, collage. 3 pieces. 2002, Vilnius, LT

“Bird” series

About how birds can be. Technique: ink. 6+ pieces. 2002, Vilnius, LT

Academic drawing

Academic drawing in my belief is something artist should learn before starting experimenting. I deeply respect post-Soviet school for expertise in academic drawing. Here I would like to give credits to some of my drawing teachers: Jonikas, Baksys, Zuklys, Domereckas (VDA), Lekas (JVDM).

Left 2000, right 1999. Many others from period 1994-2003. Technique: pensils. Vilnius, LT

Interior drawing

Couple of pieces in academic style. I am not particularly proud of these, but uploaded the picture because it is one of my beloved corridors in Vilnius Academy of Arts (2 floor near secretariat). 2000, Vilnius, LT