This category contains videos, animations, multimedia projects and sound. Some of them are parts of bigger projects.


Sylinder (with Applaus! Film & TV), Norway

DVD presentation by Sylinter customer survey for consumer shops.

Concept, design, illustration, make-up, photography.

Det Norske Samlaget (with Applaus! Film & TV), Norway

Product: Multimedia DVD presentation to present new books for bookstores.

Design concept & illustration



Steria (with Tindre Reklamebyrå), Norway

Product: Multimedia presentation for new logo launch

Flash animation, sound embedding and video embedding

Private, Norway

Product: Study case Power Point presentation

Graphics, Flash animaitons with sound

Real Ones (with 2 Form and Qvisten), Norway

Product: Music video
"Lonesome Town "

Frame Photoshop illustration

Sound effect: The Metal Rain, Norway

Part of installations "The Yellow Staircase", AHO, 2003. Testing effect of sound in a transition space where particular sound is not expected. Creates mood of technical rain. The sound is a collage of rain inspirations composed with a help of Sound Forge and ACID

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Videos: The Yellow Staircase, Norway

Videos filmed and directed in Final Cut, 2003 in cooperation with a great designer of all ages and nations – Diana Kourennagia. Diana is strongly recommended for creative tasks, problem solving and in her main specialty of cause – interior design. Videos was a great fun as well as the whole project.

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