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I enjoy variety. Like creating concepts, ating and styling.

I love contributing to projects on a very early stage, when the idea is born on a napkin and see it developing into a real solution or event.

Client: Visual Funk (for Visual Funk and Diana)

Product: Event Monkeyboy escape - idea and concept

AMAZING reality game: story supplied with programmed interaction - msn, sms, phone, blog, facebook, video and other applications. Absolute must.
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Concept, acting, makeup. It was fun.

Client: Red Beast

Product: Different stuff connected to Red Beast concept

Concept Red Beast  ­ in cooperation with interior designer Diana Kourennagia. Philosophy, design, animation, sound, etc.
We make a yearly animation with a featured xmas greeting. Check them out.

My dream is to get time and finish the 13 chapter illustrated book we started on about Red Beast.

And events, of cause. A yearly Antihalloween party is the main activity. Let me know if you dare to be invited next year...

Photo and video model


Product: Different stuff connected to Red Beast concept

Self art director gets to be a model sometimes. In some cases, it is just because it's fun. In other cases an actor don't manage to do what asked or there is not suitable actor available. I do photo and video modeling both commercial and for art.