I am a visual artist with multicultural background living in Oslo. My main work field is graphic design, but I am also much involved in painting, illustration, animation and photography. ”As an escape from all the technological magic that surrounds me daily, I have rediscovered the value of traditional art. For me oil painting is a travel back to the origins. My interpretation of simple truth is often characterized with a black color and use of the graphic line. Themes that keep coming back in my art are ‘Place’ and ‘Human’.  

I am open for proposals regarding new projects within visual art and design. Take a contact with me on phone, e-mail or chat (see contact page).

Best regards,
Darija Sapozenkova-Hauge "."

Welcome to LT-identity exhibition in Vilnius 15.02.2013.
"10 years of identity" at TITANIC hall by Vilnius Academy of Arts.
lt identity

Wooden furniture

Krakk IKEA
X-mas greetings!

The exotic "kubbestol"
Kubbestol art oslo 2010

Screen shot from the video "There is no "I".There is no "I"

Nordic Light 2020 wow! The photo–video project There is no I was chosen for the festival. Exhibition 27th April - 9th May 2010, Kristiansund. Read more >>